After 9 years, my time at Zoopla has come to an end. It was one hell of a ride. For those unfamiliar with my journey, before joining Zoopla I was an Estate Agent. I joined Zoopla initially as a Software Trainer. Then quickly moved into Quality Engineering, and later into my roles in Engineering Leadership. I couldn’t have asked for more from my time there. So would like to take this opportunity to shout out thanks to the various people I had the pleasure of working with in my time at Zoopla.

First up the line managers and leadership team I worked with over the years. This includes Steve Moss, David Williams, Pete Sellwood, Paul Hammond and Grant Smith. Thank you for all the belief, support and opportunities you gave me to make lasting impacts and personal growth.

It wasn’t just my managers, but my colleagues too. Without these folks I wouldn’t be where I am today. Jonathan Davies, Helen Venebles, Katie Norris, Alex Maines, Steve Shenton, Simon George, Marie Cruz, Tanvi Nanda, Jaimie Moore. And many more who I will probably regret not mentioning within approximately 5ms of publishing this blog. Thank you, each and everyone of you.

So, what next? Well I’m now one week in to my new role at the UK’s Heart of the Internet – Nominet.

Nominet are a world-leading domain name registry. They run .UK and other top level domains. More than that though, they also provide cyber security services, running Protective DNS on behalf of the UK National Cyber Security Centre amongst other things.

I am really honoured to say that Nominet have graced me with the opportunity to join them as Engineering Manager for Quality. In this role I’ll be running a central Quality Team while also providing leadership of Quality across the entire business. For those who are interested I promise I will write more about what this looks like and the exciting work we are doing in the future. For now, just a final thank you to everyone I have worked with at Zoopla over the years, it’s been a pleasure!