This page is dedicated to sharing links to blogs authored by some of my amazing colleagues, both past and present. They have all contributed, in one way or another, to this blogs existence, so blame them 😂

Marie Cruz cartoon picture

Marie Cruz – A fantastic Quality Engineer and a great colleague. Marie is now a Developer Advocate at k6 and an accessibility advocate. She is an online course instructor at Ministry of Testing, Test Automation University and recently launched a YouTube channel.

David Williams – I reported to David when he was at Zoopla. I could not have asked for better manager to support me on my career journey. David is an award-winning international conference speaker an amazing coach, and helps people to be the very best version of themselves.

Dabid Williams
Kat Kmiotek

Kat Kmiotek – Kat is a Quality Engineer at Zoopla. A career changer like myself, Kat is passionate about continual learning and speaks frequently at conferences. Kats blog is a must read, especially for Playwright related topics.

Tanvi Nanda – Was a fellow Engineering Manager at Zoopla, now working as a Head of Quality. Tanvi literally wrote the book on Cypress. Tanvi regularly speaks at conferences, has a fabulous blog and recently started a YouTube channel.

Tanvi Nanda
Boyana Staneva

Boyana Staneva – Really enjoyed my time working with Boyana and I was so pleased when she started her blog. Be sure to check it out for some excellent insights on everything from leadership, to test authoring, CI/CD, and observability.

Looking for even more? Than be sure to check out the Ministry of Testing. They have a great forum and chat as well as an almost endless supply of learning materials.

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